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Theme Options

Titanium comes with a built-in theme options engine containing a lot of theme settings like logo, colors, fonts, shortcode configurations, header styles, custom css and many more. Also you should know that Titanium is a continuously developed theme meaning that you’ll receive lifetime free theme updates.

Custom logos

You have the choice to use 2 logos: one for dark background and one for lighter backgrounds. Also you have options for favicon, Apple and Windows icons along with other options.

Shortcodes options

You can set up default values for some shortcodes so you don’t have to add the same settings every time you insert a shortcode. This feature can save a lot time and effort if you work a lot with shortcodes.

Typography settings

Along with Google Fonts and Custom fonts options you have a typography options for the main text of the website like body, each heading size and menus.

And a lot more

The Titanium theme offers unlimited possibilities to sutomize it. Header and Top Bar to Footer and bottom bar, every single part is customizable using shortcodes or Theme Options.