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Agile & DevSecOps

Exceptional quality, accelerated delivery, reduced risks—TechnaLink helps you reap all the benefits of lean development for your mission-critical software and applications.

The increasing speed of technological change has made Agile and DevOps approaches a necessity rather than a luxury. We’ve long embraced their principles in both practice and philosophy to optimize resources, knowing every second and every dollar count.

Whether you’re striving to improve efficiency, lower costs, introduce new services, or better serve constituents and customers, our engineers deliver the highest quality code and transformative products that drive progress.

We have Certified SAFe 5 Program Consultant (SPC) resources to guide clients through agile transformation efforts that are flexible and responsive to business needs. We integrate security automation and orchestration processes to enhance DevOps into a DevSecOps delivery pipeline that ensures security mechanisms are built-in early rather than bolted-on later.

With DevSecOps, our clients can take advantage of continuous compliance authorization and pivot quickly to mitigate risks from environmental changes and evolving security threats.

Collaboration at the core

Our unified DevOps approach to development breaks down departmental silos to foster stronger collaboration, seamless integration, and continuous delivery and automation. We position operations teams to innovate with maximum efficiency, delivering higher value for internal and external users.

In addition, our open-source software development capabilities can spark collaboration across companies, agencies, and even the public.

Ongoing improvement

If DevOps defines the “how” behind our work, agile defines the “what.” TechnaLink’s agile development teams work in sprints toward small, rapid releases with frequent product testing and iterating. Our build automation process enables perpetual testing and continuous integration to ensure your product performs as envisioned—with no unpleasant surprises after launch.

More options for cloud apps

For maximum flexibility, TechnaLink can builds multi-cloud hybrid applications with an architectural approach based on microservices: compact, loosely coupled app components packaged in their own containers. While the application is the sum of these parts, microservices allow for independent deployment and scaling as well as and continuous incremental improvement.

TechnaLink teams can apply microservices for new application development or to modernize legacy monolithic applications.

Learn what your organization can do—and do better—by teaming with TechnaLink’s development specialists. Contact us today for a consultation.

Our agile development specialties include:

  • DevSecOps
  • Software Engineering
  • Application Development
  • COTS Integration
  • Open Source
  • Continuous Integration
  • Build & Test Automation